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A Unique Approach to Content Creation

Platinum Films has brought together a collection of highly talented individuals from all areas of the media, creative, and commercial worlds. This curated Think Tank combines to make a powerful strategic force, bringing new and exciting forward thinking to the world of content creation, brand building, and commercial I.P. management.

Future proofing the long-term value of brands

The Platinum Think Tank creates or identifies I.P. that has global appeal. We do this by analysing and dissecting I.P. DNA to deliver commercial solutions that others would not necessarily identify. We are always looking to avoid the 'well-trodden, diminishing path'. Audiences and consumers are at the heart of everything we do. From production (TV / movies / short form) to commercial brand management, our innovative future thinking is having a huge impact on the value of the brands we directly manage and advise. We think big, but always with a practical focus.

A current and live brand activation, demonstrating Platinum's Think Tank capability. Identifying the iconic adventurer Bear Grylls as the perfect I.P for brand extension.

Platinum Films partnered with Bear Grylls Ventures to create an exciting new social expression brand for pre-teens and families, Bear Grylls Young Adventurer (BGYA). Two animated feature films have been developed as well as multiple strategic brand partnerships.

With the Metaverse on the horizon, and Unreal Engine set to revolutionise production, the market is changing and with it, the Platinum Think Tank sees vast opportunities. That's why Giant Pixel was founded. As the company’s Technology Studio, this Bangalore-based tech hub brings together experts in gaming, animation and Web3 to give Platinum's Think Tank a technological edge through the creation of cutting-edge content and proprietary tech. Ensuring a seamless production pipeline, Giant Pixel has empowered the Platinum Think Tank to shepherd IP innovation from first concept to final products, entirely in-house.