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Twenty-Five Years of Groundbreaking Content Creation

Headquartered at the historic Pinewood Studios for over 25 years, alongside iconic franchises like James Bond, Star Wars and Harry Potter, Platinum Films has a rich history of development, creating and producing much loved I.P. that sell around the world. Though our strategy has since shifted to partnerships on existing brands, our creative and commercial heritage remains close to our heart.

Matt Hatter Chronicles

A high-stakes adventure comedy series following the adventures of the Hatter Hero as he saves the Multiverse from a multitude of well-known movie Super Villains. Its distinct blend of innovative storytelling and unforgettable characters has made Matt Hatter a family favourite in over 80 territories.

  • High end 3D animation.
  • 52 x 30 minute episodes.
  • Feature-length animated TV Movie.
  • Cutting edge "Multivision" animation technique (3D without glasses).
  • Dubbed in over 20 languages to keep up with broadcaster demand.

Planet cook

An engaging and unique cooking adventure format using the natural world to inspire and promote healthy eating for kids, making every meal time an adventure. The series was shot on a tropical fantasy island set designed by Academy AwardⓇ winning production designer, Terry Ackland-Snow.

  • The largest single commission by CBBC.
  • 104 x 20 minute episodes.
  • UK Food Standard's Agency funded a Planet Cook initiative in schools across the country.
  • Heinz branded food range rolled out to major supermarkets.
  • McDonalds cook at home incentive via the Planet Cook Happy Meal campaign.

Dream Street

A pre-school stop-motion series of 65 episodes (originally commissioned by ITV), following the adventures of a group of toy-box friends as they embrace everyday challenges, sparking imagination and inspiration for younger audiences. Newly re-imagined for a fresh generation of kids using cutting edge 'Roto-Morphing' techniques and CG enhancement resulting in 52 new episodes ready for market.

  • BAFTA Nominee.
  • 52 x 10 minute episodes.
  • 58% audience share on debut series transmission.
  • Directed by Academy AwardⓇ winning SFX director, Brian Johnson (The Empire Strikes Back, Alien).
  • Sold into a massive 65 territories including UK, Canada, Portugal, Germany, France, Asia and Middle East.