Our Brands

Bear Grylls Young Adventurer

Platinum Films has partnered with Bear Grylls Ventures to create an exciting new children’s lifestyle and entertainment brand, BEAR GRYLLS YOUNG ADVENTURER. This epic new animated movie trilogy follows the untold teen adventures of one of the world’s most iconic survival experts. Through a series of fun, action-packed survival missions, BEAR GRYLLS YOUNG ADVENTURER, celebrates… Read More »

Matt Hatter Chronicles

Matt Hatter Chronicles (52 x commercial ½ hr episodes and a feature length TV movie) is a high-stakes adventure-comedy aimed at 5 -10 year olds. Matt Hatter is an ordinary schoolboy whose life is changed forever when he discovers a secret dimension called the Multiverse hidden in his family home: London’s Notting Hill Coronet Movie… Read More »

Planet Cook

Planet Cook (104 x 20’ episodes) is an engaging and unique cooking adventure that puts the fun into food by using the natural world to inspire and promote healthy eating for kids, making every meal time an adventure! Set on a tropical fantasy island designed by Academy Award winning production designer, Terry Ackland-Snow, each episode sees Captain Cook… Read More »

Dream Street

BAFTA-nominated preschool series DREAM STREET has been recreated for a new generation of kids using cutting edge roto-morphing techniques and CG enhancement, whilst preserving its original emotional warmth, charming characterisation and signature stop-motion feel. DREAM STREET follows the adventures of Buddy the magical truck, Daisy the police car and their fun-loving toy-box friends, as they embrace… Read More »