Giant Pixel

Paul Brunton joins Platinum Films to head up their new digital division, Giant Pixel


Focused on developing the global digital strategies across Platinum’s IP, but with a primary focus on Bear Grylls Young Adventurer. Our aim is to create original and groundbreaking digital content for Bear’s millions of fans - both children and adults. Have no doubt, his universal appeal and the new animated TV show will deliver huge opportunities within the licensing sector and the digital space as well. “My role is to build long-term relationships with ambitious partners and I will work very closely with them to activate our digital strategy to bring value and success to all parties. I am excited to explore new partnerships with other experienced studios within the digital sector” states Paul Brunton, Head of Digital Ops. Bear encourages teamwork, adventure, shared experiences and the outdoors, so this mantra will underpin everything Platinum undertakes across the digital category. “Connected play, Augmented and Virtual Reality are very much the buzz words within the digital sector, but it is clear that this brand lends itself perfectly to these mediums - from gaming and experiential through to education, for example,” Paul adds.

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