Bear Grylls Young Adventurer

Platinum Films has partnered with Bear Grylls Ventures to create an exciting new children’s lifestyle and entertainment brand, BEAR GRYLLS YOUNG ADVENTURER.

This epic new animated movie trilogy follows the untold teen adventures of one of the world’s most iconic survival experts. Through a series of fun, action-packed survival missions, BEAR GRYLLS YOUNG ADVENTURER, celebrates daring, adventure and the environment. It positively encourages kids to face their fears, take on new challenges and most importantly, to ‘Never Give Up!’

Platinum will co-ordinate and execute a global content and licensing strategy to establish ‘Bear Grylls Young Adventurer’ around the world in partnership with BRON Creative. The highly anticipated new format has already captured the attention of the global television market and is anticipated to attract the very best broadcast and commercial partners.

Bear Grylls said: “Bear Grylls Young Adventurer is all about bringing the spirit of adventure & exploration to young kids in a way that fires their imagination, and brings out the survivor in them all. Platinum are best in class and the vision for the series is totally original, translatable, enduring and exciting – the journey begins!”

The first installment of the Bear Grylls Young Adventurer trilogy is currently in Post Production, due for completion in 2022.


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