Dream Street

BAFTA-nominated preschool series DREAM STREET has been recreated for a new generation of kids using cutting edge roto-morphing techniques and CG enhancement, whilst preserving its original emotional warmth, charming characterisation and signature stop-motion feel.

DREAM STREET follows the adventures of Buddy the magical truck, Daisy the police car and their fun-loving toy-box friends, as they embrace everyday challenges and share enriching life lessons, all in an imaginative, playful and inspiring way.

Capturing all the joy, excitement and magic of a child’s playground, DREAM STREET’s brightly coloured world is filled with incredible edible delights, wondrous toys and fantastic gadgets, guaranteed to stimulate young viewers’ imagination when they come to life at ‘Magic Time’.

Shot at Pinewood Studios on 35mm film, using motion-controlled cameras and state of the art remote control and animatronic techniques, the series was directed by double Academy Award winning special FX director Brian Johnson (The Empire Strikes Back, Alien). “This timeless classic has been adapted to embody the latest ‘roto-morphing’ technique that will now allow physical motion-controlled characters to have some of the subtle movement usually only seen in CGI animation”, says Johnson.

Platinum Films has painstakingly roto-scoped characters, matte-painted backgrounds and re-composited every shot to add dynamism, movement and a modern CG edge to the show whilst retaining the physical presence and sense of gravity that only traditional stop-motion animation can achieve.

Creator and CEO at Platinum Films, Nigel Stone commented, “We’ve enhanced the beautiful story-telling and characterisation and we’ve even been able to make our character models breathe, giving the show a natural and magical dimension”.

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